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De Jonge '67 Camaro

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'71 Cuda


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A new set of wheels can drastically change the look and possibly the weight of your car. Why not show up to the track with some new shoes for your mighty steed?


RC Components make amazing wheels that are light weight, look amazing and they're SFI certified!

As the Official Canadian Dealer for RC Components, we can get what you're looking for.

Don't waste any time,

contact us TODAY for pricing and order options!

PENSKE Racing Shocks have been a leader in the industry for years when it comes to suspension and controlling your car. At RH RACECARS, We have been putting PENSKE RACING SHOCKS on our cars for years and we are happy to announce that we are an OFFICIAL dealer for all


If you want shocks for your grocery getter, street machine, ProMod or anything in between, PENSKE has you covered!


Contact us to order your new set of PENSKE RACING SHOCKS and STRUTS!

To find your new set of PENSKE SHOCKS, go to:


RH RACECARS is proud to be the FIRST official Canadian dealer for all AFCO/Dynatech Racing parts. If you need Suspension, Headers, Brakes, Cooling systems or Gauges, RH RACECARS can supply you with AFCO/Dynatech Racing parts for almost any application! To make your order today, send e-mail to RHRACECARS@SHAW.CA or call us at (250) 765-9404

For more information about AFCO Racing parts, check out



We build your car to suit you and your needs. Whether you're building a complete custom ProMod or if you're just putting a roll cage in your ride. We build everything to accommodate you and your comfort. If you have items that you would like added to your car, we can do that! It is important to us that you are happy with your purchase.



At RH Racecars we are dedicated to the highest level of workmanship and quality in all of the cars that roll out of our shop. We build our cars according to NHRA or IHRA rules and divisional specifications. We use the highest quality parts with safety and performance at the forefront of everything we produce. We take pride in building some of the quickest cars around. RH Racecars has been producing quality cars for over a decade and wetake our business very seriously


Photos and videos provided by:

Rob Fedyk - Reaction Time Media

Dean Murdoch - SpeedZone Magazine